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Below are some of the creative projects we have developed and managed with our clients and local communities.

monty python - 50th anniversary

We are designing and creating social media assets and films to help promote events that celebrate the 50th anniversary of Monty Python's Flying Circus. Follow our Instagram account to see all the assets.


We ran a photo competition in partnership with Lendlase/HRW to encourage the youth of Tottenham to engage with the creative arts. We designed all art work for leaflets and posters, liaised with schools and colleges, created the final pieces and installed the winning photos in the local library.


Some photos of a day trip to the park where children were given a film camera and only allowed limited number of shots. We chose to work with a special kind of film that gave more vibrant colours and contrast. This inspired creativity and encouraged children to observe and engage with their surrounding.

"This project inspired me to think about colour". Tom, aged 10

"It made me pay attention to what's around me". Anna, aged 10

"It helped me be more alert". Ella, aged 9

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