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Below are some writers, actors and musicians we have worked with to create films & music videos. 

SHADOw - Short film

Shadow is a film exploring mental health at the point of breakdown, suffocating, familial expectations, and the pressure of conforming to social mores that are often as insane as they are complex.

Andrea Martinez won best newcomer at Marbella International Film Festival 2018.

AEROPLANEs - short film

When a young woman loses her mother in a plane crash, she impulsively steals an unaccompanied child in a desperate attempt to fill both his life and hers with purpose.

WFF18_Official Selection-BLACK (1).jpg


Recorded at the famous venue under the Chelsea Football Stadium, Lifesigns play their new album to a sold out crowd. We filmed and edited the entire event which was then turned into a DVD (complete with 2 audio CDs).

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